About Us

We are family

My name is Angel and my name is Jennifer and we are family! Ever since we can remember, we have planned events, paid special attention to detail, and have always enjoyed creating & collaborating with one another. The beauty of our relationship is that we keep it fun, we keep it light, we keep it breezy!

​We look forward to working with you,

Angel & Jennifer

Have the party, eat the cake

We truly believe that life is way too short. Have the party, eat the cake, love, and always remember to laugh!

At a young age parties were big events with our family. Creating the perfect event that would be outside of the norm, was what our parents did for us and we have continued on the tradition with our families! When we decided to launch Bella Slumber Gardens, we knew we wanted it to feel as if your close family or friend planned this event for you.

We currently reside in Northeastern, PA. We are both married to our loving and supporting husbands!

Angel resides in Wilkes Barre, PA with her husband Bernard and is a proud Dog Mom to their puppy, Emmett!

Jennifer resides in Mountain Top, PA with her husband, Scott, and is a proud Mom to Jaxson & Isabelle, and their adorable dog, Bruno!

Contact us and let's make some memories!